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It's vital not to delay the giving of Parkinson’s drugs. Even in a very busy department, you must not simply refer to the medical team to sort out a patient with Parkinson's medication later, particularly as you know they are likely to take some time. Any additional delay to the patient receiving their medication risks rapid further deterioration and life threatening complications such as neuroleptic malignant syndrome, aspiration pneumonia and pressure ulcers.

get it on time Parkinson's medications are time-critical and must be given within 30 mins of prescribed time to ensure your patient’s symptoms controlled and avoid unnecessary harm and distress for your patient

The OPTIMAL Calculator has been developed for clinical staff to ensure people with Parkinson’s are optimally medicated in the event they are unable to safely swallow their regular oral Parkinson’s medications.

Be aware of medications that may cause HARM to patients with Parkinson's


Haloperidol and other anti-psychotics, prochlorperazine and metaclopramide block Dopamine and are contraindicated in Parkinson's. 


 PUK booklet

This guide tells you how to manage someone with Parkinson's in an emergency situation. It will be particularly useful for professionals who don’t see people with Parkinson's day-to-day.


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Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) device in situ?

Click link for safety advice and information regarding these implanted devices

Futher information can be obtained from the Bristol Brain Centre - North Britsol NHS Trust 0117 414 8232 or 0117 414 8269 (mon-fri)

Emeregency out-of-hours - contact North Bristol NHS Trust on 0117 950 5050 ask for duty neurosurgical registrar on call.


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