HIV Services

The Sexual Health Service at Derriford Hospital offers a free and confidential outpatient service for the treatment of people living with HIV. This is an open access service and referral from another health care professional is not needed. 

Services offered:

  • Appointment within 24 hours for those who are newly diagnosed with HIV. At this appointment initial blood tests will be performed and you will have an opportunity to discuss your diagnosis with a health advisor.
  • One-hour appointment with HIV specialist within 2 weeks of diagnosis.
  • Long-term follow-up and care for those living with HIV.
  • Psychological support from health advisors and clinic psychologist.
  • Anonymous partner notification.
  • Telephone advice in clinic hours from HIV nurse specialist.
  • Sexual health care and STI screening.
  • Close collaboration with other specialists in Derriford Hospital in co-management of  associated conditions including: Hepatitis (monthly clinic), Pregnancy, TB and Cancer
  • Shared management and care of people living with HIV who require admission to Derriford hospital. 

Contacting the clinic: 01752 431124

Pharmacy and HIV medications:

A prescription for your medications will be available at each appointment. Medications can then be collected from Lloyds Pharmacy by the front entrance of Derriford Hospital. 

Lloyd’s Pharmacy opening hours: Monday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm 

A home delivery service is also available for medications. If interested please enquire at your next appointment. 

Please Note: If you are running low on medications please contact our clinical nurse specialist or reception (on the numbers above) as soon as possible to arrange for a new prescription. Ideally contact us before you have started your last week of tablets. 

Before you start any new medications (prescription/ over the counter/ herbal) please check with your clinician to ensure there are no interactions which your HIV drugs 

NAM Aidsmap booklets on HIV treatments

Your clinical record:
All clinical records are electronic and currently held on a system which is only accessible within the GU Medicine Department. 

Patient Knows Best
We are in the process of moving toward an on-line system that allows you to see your personal information and to communicate with those involved in your care. Using this system you will be able to access your medical record on your computer, smartphone, tablet etc. You can discuss this further with your clinician and the decision to opt in is yours.

For further information on ‘Patient Knows Best’ click here

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