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First patient for MRI ‘B’

During July, the Trust’s newest MRI scanner unit welcomed its first patient through its doors.

MRI B's first patient

“This is a significant upgrade in what used to be a mobile scanner inside a lorry,” said Dr Lucy McGavin, Consultant Neuroradiologist and MRI SIG Lead. “The scanner is now housed in a modular build with a patient comfort unit which allows us to do a much bigger range of examinations. It also serves as a valuable back up for our internal scanners for more of the complex work that we do.”


This scanner has been designed to have easy access for patients that have reduced mobility and is far more accessible than the previous mobile scanner. It has also been designed in conjuncture with the dementia awareness team, with subtleties like types of clocks, colours of the floors and doors, all made to be dementia and learning difficulty friendly.


Mark Walker, Service Line Cluster Manager for Radiology PGC, added: “I am so pleased to have welcomed our first patient through the doors. There has been much hard work gone into this project by many people and to see it now in use is testament to those efforts.”


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