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Former and retired NHS staff return to University Hospitals Plymouth to help fight against COVID-19

Bridie Kent

In the face of COVID-19, former and retired NHS employees have been asked to return to work to support their local teams through unprecedented times.

At University Hospitals Plymouth (UHP) we have been fortunate enough to have had over 100 former and retired colleagues sign up to help fight against COVID-19 and provide the best possible care for our patients.

Bridie Kent

Among the inspiring colleagues who have returned to the NHS is Bridie Kent who returned to the Trust via the NHSP National Rapid Response Program. Bridie has spent the last seven years in her position as Professor of Nursing at the University of Plymouth and recalls the last time she did shift work as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Senior Sister some 15 years ago. Bridie will now be returning as Professor of Nursing at UHP and working as a registered nurse in ICU.  

Bridie Kent

“The training has been brilliant,” said Bridie. “Things just start flooding back and so much more has been standardised which makes things a lot easier.

“The programme put together by the Clinical Education Team has been fantastic. The whole team have been amazing and Specialist Sister in ICU, Kate Tantam has been a driving force and a real source of encouragement for me personally.”

Bridie described returning to UHP as coming back to the ‘family’ she knows through her work with the Plymouth Clinical School. On her reasoning behind returning to the NHS during a global pandemic, Bridie said: “I couldn’t sit at home when my knowledge and skills could help others and support existing teams.”

If you have recently returned to work or if you are a student and have recently taken on a new support role and you would like to share your story please email

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