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Infection Control Measures to stay in place at UHP post 19 July

Young patient Clara gives a thumbs up

Patients and visitors in local hospitals and healthcare settings are being asked to continue wearing a mask on site, after ‘Freedom Day’ on 19 July.

Whilst restrictions are being lifted in most public places, strict Infection Control needs to be followed in hospitals and healthcare settings, to stop vulnerable people from being placed at additional risk.

We are asking people:

  • If you have a hospital or clinic appointment, please attend alone unless exceptional circumstances apply. This helps us reduce footfall and protect our most vulnerable patients.
  • Please respect our Rule of 1 for visiting: 1 visitor for 1 hour per 1 patient per day
  • You must wear a mask in our hospitals, clinics and building unless you are exempt
  • Please continue to wash your hands regularly and observe social distancing

Lenny Byrne, Chief Nurse explains:  “The public and our patients have been so supportive during the past 15 months and we can’t thank them enough. Our ask today is that they keep on supporting us so that we can keep vulnerable patients safe.

“The rates of COVID in the Plymouth community are already above the national average and continuing to rise. We need to be more vigilant than ever and carefully manage the virus in healthcare settings.

 “If you or your loved one had a compromised immune system or were recovering after a serious operation, you would want us to do everything we could to keep them safe. Patients with these conditions are being treated in our hospitals every day, so we need to keep rules in place. Please bear with us and please keep helping us so that we can help you and your loved ones.”

Please note this applies to all of our sites and our vaccination clinic at Home Park.

Young patient Clara gives a thumbs up to maintaining infection controls

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