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Robin Hanbury-Tenison climbs highest peak in Cornwall five months after leaving hospital following COVID-19 battle

Robin Hanbury-Tension

Earlier this year, 84-year-old Explorer, Robin Hanbury-Tenison spent seven weeks in intensive care at Derriford Hospital, including five weeks in an induced coma after testing positive for COVID-19. His family had been told to prepare for the worst and his chance of survival was less than 5%. On a wet and windy day five months later he was climbing Cornwall’s tallest peak, determined to plant the Cornish flag at the top.

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Planned surgery at Derriford Hospital: message for our patients and the public from our Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Baber

Kevin Baber

Due to a growing number of COVID patients and a need to ensure we can keep everyone safe we continue to temporarily pause non-critical inpatient surgery at Derriford Hospital. Any patients affected have been contacted directly. If you haven't heard from the hospital, please follow the instructions on your letter and attend as planned.

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App to support cancer patients launches in Plymouth

MySunrise App

The MySunrise app is being launched on 28 September to support cancer patients in the South West with all the information they need conveniently located on their smart phone. The app has been developed to support cancer patients and their families from the moment of their diagnosis all the way through their treatment pathway and is expected to support thousands of people in Devon and Cornwall.

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