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Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is first in UK to join global health research network

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Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust has become the first in the UK to join TriNetX, a global health research network, which helps to bring new therapies to patients, by providing access to the earliest and most innovative clinical trials being conducted, both at home and abroad.

TriNetX enables healthcare organisations, biopharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs) to collaborate, enhance trial design, accelerate recruitment and bring new therapies to market faster. It allows clinical researchers to fast track clinical trials by becoming connected in real-time to the patient populations they wish to study.

“Our Trust is working hard to become a leading centre for medical research,” explains Corinna Mossop, Research and Development Manager at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. “Research is a key part of health care development, as it helps us to find out the causes of human illness, and how it can be treated and prevented.

“This will ultimately enable patients to have access to the latest technologies, treatments and care. A hospital with a good research portfolio will also attract the best consultants and specialist registrars, and patients will greatly benefit from this.”

In conjunction with the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) for the South West Peninsula and regional counterparts, Corinna and her team will use TriNetX to establish a number of collaborative research networks.

“Identifying a potential patient cohort or determining inclusion or exclusion criteria can be cumbersome and time consuming, as information has to be collected from four different sources, and so it can often be out of date by the time it is accumulated”, said Corinna. “With TriNetX, all of the information will now be in one location and will allow us to quickly identify potential candidates for research. This will ensure that our feasibility when taking on a study is both robust and timely.”

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust has a well established reputation for high quality research and development and a strong record of participation in commercial and non-commercial clinical trials. We specialise in complex interventional trials, particularly in the areas of haematology, oncology and hepatology.

To find out more about participating in a clinical trial, please visit:


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