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Stories from the COVID wards: Professional bodybuilder Stuart Core shares his story

Stuart Core bodybuilding photo, compared to image of him with an oxgyen mask

“This just shows it can affect anyone” - Professional Body Builder, and owner of CoreFitness gym, Stuart Core, shares his experience of being hospitalised with COVID.

Plymouth gym owner and professional body builder, 41-year-old Stuart Core is now home following seven days in hospital suffering from COVID. Stuart has shared his story with us saying “I was in a bad way when going into hospital and admittedly thought I was young, fit and healthy. This just shows it can affect anyone.”

We will be releasing a number of videos over the coming days which share the stories and experiences of patients with COVID and the staff caring for them.

Tomorrow we will be sharing Ray’s story of his painful experience with COVID and how it’s affected his whole family, down to his youngest grandchild.



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