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Trainee pharmacists at University Hospitals Plymouth pass exams

Trainee Anson who has recently passed his exam

Trainee Anson who has recently passed his examAll of the trainee pharmacists who were at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHP) from July 2021 to August 2022 have passed their registration exam and are now registered qualified pharmacists.

Over the last year the Pharmacy department at UHP has been supporting five trainees as they complete their foundation training year, the final year of their preregistration pharmacist training. The department is delighted to announce that all five trainees have passed the General Pharmaceutical Council Registration Exam and will be registered as qualified pharmacists.

The trainees, Ka Man Cheung, Emily Farrow, Tsz Wa (Anson) Ma, Joseph Taylor and Hoy Kei Eunice Wong, had already obtained their Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) degree before starting their year long and work based training year at UHP.

Anson Ma said, “The training year is rewarding and UHP has given us all the support, information, and engaging experiences we've needed to complete the year and to keep learning. I want to express my gratitude to each of my clinical supervisors and to the entire UHP Pharmacy team. I am looking forward to continuing to be part of the team in the future.”

Pamela Nyatanga, Lead Pharmacist Education and Training at UHP, said, “Getting through the foundation training years takes a total of 5 years, a lot of commitment, resilience and hard work. However, the day one qualifies is only the beginning of a long rewarding career.

“Our hospital trainees, nationally, make up the minority of MPharm graduates, with the majority ending up in other sectors such as community or retail pharmacy. Undertaking one's penultimate foundation training year in hospital paves the way for an individual to pursue a role as a Clinical Pharmacist and to specialise in a clinical speciality such as emergency medicine, Healthcare of Older people or Critical Care, to name a few.”

Aspiring pharmacists can take a number of routes to register as a pharmacist in the UK. The 2021/22 trainees at UHP have taken the most traditional and common pathway, studying a 4 year undergraduate degree, Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) at one of the UK accredited universities.

Thereafter, it is a stipulation that each MPharm graduate completes a year long competency based training year, commonly referred to as the foundation training year. During this time, they show evidence of competence in various ways including completing structured learning assessments and an ePortfolio.

Towards the end of the training year, the trainees are then required to sit a registration exam, which is set by the UK's Pharmacy regulatory body, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). It is only after completing and passing these monumental steps, that trainees can apply for inclusion to the GPhC's register of pharmacists that can practice in the UK. 

To find out more about a career in pharmacy or non-pharmacist roles, please contact the education and training team on 01752 437999 or email Pamela Nyatanga on, Brian Fulton on, or Becky Ellis on

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