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Young Patients at Derriford Hospital Benefit from Gaming Carts

Staff member and TheRockinR staff with game console on trolley

Patients on the children’s wards at Derriford Hospital have been benefiting from medical grade gaming carts after a fourth system was delivered by TheRockinR Charity in February.

Being in hospital can be tough for children and their families. However, providing patients with access to gaming has been proven to be beneficial by minimising stress, improving well-being, encouraging interaction, reducing the feeling of isolation, and promoting a positive hospital experience.

Derriford Hospital received its first medical gaming cart a number of years ago when it was donated by TheRockinR Charity. This charity was founded in memory of Reece ‘TheRockinR’ Miree, who when facing a battle with cancer turned to gaming as a sense of distraction, satisfaction and belonging.

By creating these carts, the charity aims to “reduce the impact of hospitalisation on young patients and their families. We do this by offering a welcome distraction to treatments and procedures, promoting well-being, social interaction whilst maintaining a sense of joy and contentment.”

The hospital now has four carts across it’s children’s wards including three Xbox Series S’ and a Nintendo Switch. Each system comes preloaded with the newest age appropriate games and two controllers offering patients a chance to escape from reality and also enabling them to play with family or staff.

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