Laura Goodspeed - Improvement Coordinator

 Q1: How long have you been working with the Quality Academy team?

I have worked in the Quality Academy Team for 6 years.

Q2: What other experience have you had working in the NHS?

Prior to working in the Quality Academy Team I worked in Clinical Records and Knowledge Services as a Business Administrative Manager and PA.

Q3: Can you list your relevant qualifications;

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner

PMI – Process Management International – Yellow Belt

Degree in Human Geography

Q4: What do you enjoy most about Improvement Practice or working with the QA team?

What I enjoy most about working in the Quality Academy Team is the opportunity to work across the hospital in a wide range of areas, I particularly like organising and facilitating events that give staff and patients opportunities to get together to challenge the way things are done now and come up with ideas of how they could be done better.

Q5: What do you see as the biggest challenges facing the NHS in the next 5 years?

I see the biggest challenge facing the NHS to be a rising demand to services, rising costs and staff shortages.

Q6: What work have you been involved in recently, and what work are you most proud of?

Most recently I have been involved in supporting work within the National Programme People First; eDischarge; Induction; and imaging requests in ED. the work I have been most proud of is my involvement in the first Patient First ‘End to End Pathway’ week. This week saw all those who would be involved in a patients care pathway for Cardiology, Respiratory and Frailty brought together for a week looking at current processes and what opportunity there is for change.  There have been some really positive ideas implemented after this week, for example an increase in Heart Failure support in Emergency Department and the Acute Assessment Unit which led to a reduction in admissions.

Q7: What are your aspirations for the organisation, in terms of improvement practice, over the next two or so years?

My aspirations for the organisation are that all staff can make improvements in their workplace and are supported and encouraged to do so; with resources available to support these improvements so we all have the confidence to try new ways of doing things.


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