Meet the Parkinson’s Team

UHP's Parkinson’s Specialist Team - Derriford Hospital



Emma Pearson - Parkinson's Nurse Specialist 

Rob Davies - Parkinson's Specialist Practitioner 

Kevin Triscott - Parkinson's Assistant Practitioner

Jemma Inches - Parkinson's Assistant Practitioner (HBC/Research)

phone 01752 430048 - option 6



phone  01752 431018


Sue Bentley - Pathway Coordinator / Dr Carroll's Medical Secretary

phone  01752 430360 email



Lara Grigg - Parkinson's Specialist Team Administrator and Pathway Co-ordinator 

phone  01752 430048 - option 6 or 430123 email



UHP twitter @UHP_Parkinsons                                                                         



Georgie Gilbert - PKG Coordinator  




UHP Parkinson's Specialist Consultants

Dr Camille Carroll  

Dr Camille Carroll - Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant Neurologist           

Dr Carroll's Medical Secretary and Pathway Co-ordinator is Sue Bentley 
phone  01752 430360  email


Dr Simon Edwards

Dr Simon Edwards - Consultant Neurologist

Dr Edwards Medical Secretary and Pathway Co-ordinator is Karen Stevenson
phone  01752 431265  email


  Dr Stribley

Dr Jan Stribley - Consultant Physician in Health Care of the Elderly                           

Dr Stribley's Medical Secretary and Pathway Co-ordinator is Lydia Avison 
phone 01752 432693  email                                  


    Dr Topor

Dr Kateryna Topor - Consultant in Geriatric and General Internal Medicine                        

Dr Topor's Medical Secretary and Pathway Co-ordinator is Zoe Grigson 
phone  01752 438442  email                                                         


Dr Haunton

Dr Victoria Haunton - Consultant Geriatrician                                                      

Dr Haunton's Medical Secretary and Pathway Co-ordinator is Zoe Grigson 
phone  01752 438442  email


Dr Stephen Mullin

Dr Stephen Mullin - Acting Consultant Neurologist and Clinical Lectureship in Neurology               

Dr Mullin's Medical Secretaries and Pathway Co-ordinator's are Gill Philpott and Tanya Barrett
phone  01752 430927  email and


Community Parkisnon's Specilist Teams



Livewell southwest  

Emma Edwards- Parkinson's Nurse Specialist                                                          

Stacey Pearce- Parkinson's Nurse Specialist                                                          

phone  01752 434237                                 

Kate Hill- Parkinson's Nurse Specialist

phone  01752 434522





South West Devon

Torbay and S Devon NHS

Sian Day- Parkinson's Nurse Specialist                                                                    

phone 01803 860852 



South East and West Cornwall

Cornwall NHS

Cornwall Parkinson's Nurse Specialist Service                                                         

phone  01209 318048                         


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