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Environmental Controls (EC)

Environmental Control equipment enables the user control of functions or appliances primarily within the residential environment. The functions can include summoning help in an emergency, controlled door entry, making and receiving telephone calls, operating electrical appliances and accessing computer technologies. With a module format, the systes are prescribed and assembled to meet individual need and may include a custom manufactured or bespoke element.


ADAPT  -  UK and France

'Assistive Devices for Empowing disabled People through robotic technologies.'

Led by INTERREG FRANCE the French graduate school of engineering.

Sixteen organisations from the UK and France, including research laboratories, charities, several NHS trusts, health science networks and other leading organisations working in this area, are coming together to launch the ADAPT project, “Assistive Devices for empowering disabled People through robotic Technologies” that will tackle mobility problems faced by elderly and disabled people.

The project is led by ESIGELEC, the French graduate school of engineering and its research laboratory, IRSEEM.

Following the three key themes, Research – Training – Technology Transfer from Science to Industry, the project is structured around four main work programs:

  • the design and development of a new smart and connected Electronic Powered Wheelchair (EPW), which will help disabled people operate  the wheelchair through the application of assistance technologies.
  • the design and development of a driving simulator in virtual reality for an immersive experience of the smart EPW
  • the design and development of training packages for different categories of healthcare professionals, to enable them to engage more effectively with the Assistive Technology applications.
  • formalise agreements between research institutes, healthcare and commercial industries which will be built through national and international events.

The ADAPT project started in January 2017 and will last for 4 years. The global budget amounts to 8.7 million Euros, 70% of which will be brought to the project by the EU funded Interreg France (Channel) England programme.

The Clinical Technology department at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust will support the research, development and evaluation of Assistive Technologies by offering our clinical expertise and working directly with patients and our network of specialist healthcare professionals. Alongside this, we will participate in the training of healthcare professionals and dissemination actions at international events. We are excited to be part of this collaborative and wide reaching group and look forward to cementing relationships in bringing about real change.

Further information:

Emily Rowe

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