Visualisation of proposed REI Building

Updated 14/02/23

People with eye conditions will be able to access a brand-new state-of-the-art facility this year as the building for a new Royal Eye Infirmary (REI) is well underway. Located on William Prance Road, the new three-floor facility will bring together the outpatient and surgical eye treatments that are currently provided at Derriford Hospital.

The new REI will have improved access for patients with a drop-off zone and parking immediately outside of the building. The facility will include theatres, an increased number of treatment rooms and an expanded area for young patients.

It will also include the addition of a third operating theatre dedicated to sub-specialisms, such as oculoplastic, orbital and corneal surgeries, to start to reduce the waiting times of patients from across Devon and Cornwall.

As a specialism, Ophthalmology (Eye Services) has a lower reliance on an acute hospital site, making it a suitable candidate for a move away from the Derriford Hospital site. However, Paediatric surgery and specialist ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity) treatment will remain on site at Derriford.

The move will release space on level 3 of Derriford Hospital which will be reassigned as a clinical unit and an additional ward.

The new REI is due to open in Summer 2023.

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