NHS 75 for 75

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Make a Difference:  

On 5th July 2023 the NHS celebrates its 75th Birthday. We’re looking for 1,000 legends to each raise £75 over the course of a year for your local NHS.  

It doesn’t matter what you do – walk 75 miles, swim 75 lengths, take part in one of our amazing events – or just write us a cheque. Just join in!  

Make it Better:  

Your donations won’t be spent on NHS core services; instead, our doctors and nurses will suggest ideas to make your local NHS hospitals better. You’ll know what we spend it on, because we’ll tell you. Help us to help the NHS you love. Raise a pound for every year of the NHS.  


How it Works:  

NHS 75 for 75 will run from now until 4th July 2024. You’ll have until then to raise £75 for your local NHS charity.  

You can raise the money however you like, but do let the charity team know your plans – some fundraising events (e.g. raffles) have a legal requirement and we can offer guidance to help with that.  

You can take part in NHS 75 for 75 individually or as part of a team.  

Sign up now by clicking on the Sign me up! button on the right.

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75 Ways to Raise 75.pdf [pdf] 938KB


When you sign up.

you will automatically be allocated an online fundraising page that you can use – however, if you prefer to do your fundraising offline or on another platform, that’s OK too.  

  • NHS 75 for 75 participants will receive a unique monthly newsletter, with information about upcoming events, how the campaign is running, as well as information about what the funds are being spent on.  
  • Anyone that reaches £75 will receive a certificate and medal at the end of the campaign.  
  • There will be plenty of opportunities to appear on our social media or in the newsletter, for those that would like a bit of publicity!  


The funds raised will go to our Priority Fund. Your donations help support our Doctors and Nurses to improve the experience of patients of all ages. They let us know how things can be made better, from small things to large, which allows you to have a direct impact on the care and environment of our hospitals. 

However, if you prefer to raise money for a specific ward or department, you can do that too.  

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About Plymouth Hospitals Charity: 

Plymouth Hospitals Charity raises money to improve your local NHS hospitals. We are the official NHS charity for University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust. We support the work of NHS staff and help raise standards above the level that NHS funding alone allows.