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People First Programme

The People First Programme led by our Executive team and supported by the Trust’s Quality Academy is making substantial headway in implementing a new quality management system practice ( based on National NHS  Vital Signs and ‘lean’ practice) within the Trust which is changing the way that the organisation communicates a ‘golden thread’ and supports frontline teams with improvement. The programme also provides support to deliver improvement events and interventions to improve operational performance.

The programme is building systematically a new set of management practices based on; visual metrics; using data over time; enabling Plan-do-study –act experimentation and learning; leader standard work routines combined with team-based improvement huddles. Also, bespoke events to help make rapid improvement and step change.

The support of the Board and executive practice has been significant and important to create the space and provide leadership in the programme. The derivation of the programme in 2018 was also done jointly with Livewell SW as a partner.

Although there are areas still to cover, the programme so far has enabled greater clarity on ‘golden thread’ though clear Executive practice, it has established practice in 2/4 Care groups enabling clarity on focus, improvement methodology and harnessing frontline teams. It had to adapt in Covid and created much more virtual practice than physical huddles and even virtual events- all of which have contributed to teams feeling more involved, in control and impacted on better care.

The Exec team have been successful in building both improvement capacity and capability through Huddle training; use of Big walls to tackle bigger topics; Kata, Practice Coach and Specialist Practice Coach training. This has enabled better alignment of effort, clearer impact and a fundamental better feeling in teams in support of our improvement culture ambitions.

People First – building our Quality Management System Practice

The Programme has been systematically creating a new quality management system practice for the Trust that is being spread across the organisation to create a golden thread from strategic aspirations on the Executive Wall to delivery on the ground through front line teams - and share learning back.

Strategic direction

Key elements include strategy deployment through a cascade of visual practice across the organisation. Goals set out on the Executive Wall or Gold Command are shaping and informing our priorities at Care Group and Service Line improvement huddles. We are creating new management routines (leader standard work) which are starting to make impact on culture too. Production Control at the Service Line level supports teams to plan ahead to meet delivery, quality, and staffing and safety challenges and generate learning and teamwork to reduce ‘fire-fighting’ each day.

Finally teams are supported in running regular huddles to discuss performance, improvements and team health feedback. The ‘Team Health’ aspect of our huddles is an original practice creating open conversations about ‘how we are’ as teams. Has been well received and already practiced by approx. 500 staff. We now also measure the impact through team Reflexivity ( Ref-Professor. Martin West). The Team Health aspect of our huddles has also now been shared with several other Vital signs and Shelford group trusts.

#PeopleFirst helps get blood results back on time

The Pathology Team have reported great results using #PeopleFirst to improve the accuracy and turnaround times of blood samples, resulting in an impressive 50% improvement.

Pharmacy Dispensary Team
Faster TTAs Thanks to Pharmacy Improvement Project

The dispensing team have made big improvements to the flow of TTA (To Take Away) controlled drugs through Pharmacy.

Rapid Changeover of patients in Theatre 8 (OG)

As a patient in theatre I am expected to have my surgery done on the day as planned and not get cancelled, as this will add to my stress and anxiety. As a member of the Theatre team, we want to treat all patients on the list through a stress free day in theatre, maintaining efficiency and finishing

Multi creation of professional therapy plan document for patients on stroke pathway

Lack of therapy plan awareness and consistency for wide team

Heart Failure Input to the Hot Floor

Patients with primary or secondary diagnosis of Heart Failure, Chest Pain or Atrial Fibrillation have a 70% conversion rate to admission.

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