Practice Coach Training

Our People First Practice Coach training programme will provide you with a fresh perspective and the tools, knowledge and confidence to go back to your areas and identify and influence improvement. Quality Improvement is a key component of the Trusts Executive Strategy, and you have a unique opportunity to make a real impact and be the go-to person for your individual areas. We offer to a limited number of enthusiastic colleagues the opportunity to learn more about problem solving and implenting change.

What will you learn during your Practice Coach training?

Some of what you will learn during your Practice Coach training is voice of the customer, 8 Wastes, 6S, 5 Whys, Sipoc, Flow, Cause and Effect, Building in Quality, Production Control, Process Mapping, Problem Solving, Daily Routines, Fish Bone, Understanding the Problem, Visual Management, Improvement Huddles, Voice of the Customer, Root Cause Analysis, UHP Strategic Direction, Spaghetti Diagram Practice Coach training includes a Lean Basics module as well as 5 different modules that you will go through with one of our Improvement Leads. You will also take part in a host of practical sessions within your workplace including Go-See's and Takt and Flow training session which is designed to help you understand flow within your own area and processes in a fun way. 

What is required from you

You will need to ensure you have the capacity to attend the initial training sessions to complete all of the modules as well as the Takt & Flow session. Prior to the training commencing, we would expect you to have already identified a patient-focused problem that is measurable to work on as your improvement topic whilst completeing your Practice Coach training. Following the completion of modules, you will then take your new found knowledge and improvement expertise to work on the improvement topic that you selected in your own area. You will have regular coaching sessions with an Improvement Lead or Specialist Practice Coach from the Quality Academy team and be supported through your improvement journey and to reaching your 10% improvement. 

Certification, Celebrations & Shared Learning 

The goal is for learners to reach a 10% improvement or more with their work-based project at the 6-8 week mark and this is when we would look at getting you certified as an official UHP Practice Coach and delivering your project at our monthly People First Report Out. Report Out is an Exec led forum with opportunity to share and celebrate your improvement project with a wider audience in a supportive environment: September People First Report Out - YouTube.

Gill Nicholson celebrating her Practice Coach CertificationPractice Coach Certificate

So, what happens next? 

Upon completion of your Practice Coach training, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge, tools and confidence to identify work-based improvement projects and work with your colleagues to implement change, positively impacting staff and patients. You will be an  'Improvement Champion' within your work areas, providing hope to your colleagues by using your improvement skills and knowledge to listen to their suggestions and assist them with positive change. 

If Practice Coach training is something that you are interested in or you want to know more, please email: and a member of the Quality Academy will contact you. 

We currently have 30 certified Practice Coaches in our #1BigTeam at UHP...& counting!!

  Practice Coach Team Photo

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