Kata Training - Developing a growth mindset and applying scientific improvement.

Improvement Kata is a structured approach to problem solving that takes a scientific approach to testing ideas and analysing results. Using the ‘Kata’ approach to address a problem or series of problems; learners will be able to identify a longer-term goal, understand the current condition of a process in detail, and set milestones to achieve while eliminating key barriers to success. It will challenge Sponsors and learners towards a growth mindset in how they approach learning and challenges. Kata also provides a forum for learners to be coached by an experienced improvement lead or sponsor, enabling regular support and feedback along the learning journeyKata Steps

Who uses Kata?

Anyone who wants to develop a new coaching leadership style or who wants to aquire a new habit of scientific learning. 

Kata develops new skills

A Kata is a set of practices that help develop a new habit or skill. A Kata learner works through a set of practice routines and reviews with a Kata Coach what has been done, what has been learned and what are the next steps. Throughout the process, small, incremental changes are made and tested and learning incorporated in working toward a larger vision or challenge.

"Kata describes the foundational continuous improvement philosophy and culture exemplified by Toyota. By implementing Kata, your organization can develop the habits and skills to shift individual mindsets and the corporate culture toward truly continuous improvement"

Kata training with the Quality Academy Team

Here at the Quality Academy we deliver Kata training to colleagues throughout the Trust - all you need is a workplace sponsor from your own department willing to support your coaching, an improvement project to work on identified and the capacity to have once weekly Kata coaching sessions with your Quality Academy coach and your workplace sponsor. 

The initial Kata training will last for about 3 hours. During your initial training session, you will have an introduction to Improvement Kata delivered to you by a Quality Academy Improvement Lead or Specialist Practice Coach. During this session you will be introduced to the role of the learner and coach, the tools used such as a PDSA and a storyboard as well as understanding the individual elements of the storyboard. 

You should leave the session able to start your own learning journey and your first storyboard.

    Ryan Hunneman QA Coach coaching Kevin Triscott Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata

We have trained over 100 of our UHP colleagues in Kata methodology. 18 of these people have reached Blue Belt certification and 15 have reached Purple Belt certification with 3 reaching Brown Belt! Upon reaching Purple Belt certification, all learners have the opportunity to come to our monthly virtual People First Report Out to share their improvement project journey with the wider Trust including members of the Executive Team. 

Kata Belt Certification SystemKata Purple Belt Certification

If Kata methodology is something that interests you and you wish to discuss this further with a member of the Quality Academy team, please email us on: plh-tr.qualityacademyplymouth@nhs.net and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience. 

Kata training session activity

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