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Cyber Security Awareness – Are you cyber fit?

As we adapt to new ways of working we need to ensure we continue to take the security of our data and systems seriously. Cyber criminals think they can use the current situation to exploit weaknesses in our home networks, and get our people, who are busy and up against it, to click links to websites which will put malware onto our computers.

The NHS has issued guidance on keeping safe and secure whilst working from home.

There have already been specific examples of COVID-19 related malicious cyber activity. If you are in any doubt, please delete any mildly suspicious links, even - if shared from within

Please do not download or install any software to your Trust computer without IM&T approval or instruction. If in any doubt, check with our IM&T Service Desk first; via

Colleagues are encourage to undertake the attached ‘cyber workout’; #becyberfit, #besafe


We know that many of you are experiencing issues changing your passwords when working remotely. We are going to help alleviate these problems by pushing back the expiry date of our network passwords to 365 days, rather than the current 90 days. Please continue to keep your network and NHSmail passwords different.

VPN Usage (remote working).

If you are using a Trust computer at home, please avoid using it for personal browsing and streaming services over the Trust’s VPN. Please use your personal devices for personal browsing – this type of use over Trust VPNs increases our security risks slows down our VPN speeds for all users.

Outlook 2010

PST files (outlook archive files) will cause Outlook 2010 to operate slowly over our VPNs. There is unfortunately no technical fix for this. If it is feasible, please disconnect your PST files and you will find this will speed up Outlook. Use of the NHS web portal is encouraged.

Video Conferencing

The Trust’s approved video conferencing tool is Microsoft Teams.  Use of other tools such as Zoom is discouraged. However, if it is imperative to use tools such as Zoom please ensure that you have the most up to date version installed (for Zoom, it is version 4.6.10 or above). Non approved products are known to have security vulnerabilities which are frequently exploited by cyber criminals.

Microsoft Teams

When your MS teams are set up they will have 'Private’ as opposed to ‘Public’ setting applied to the Team. Please do not change the setting to ‘Public’, as any documents you share will then be accessible to other NHS users. If you have any queries about MS Teams settings please contact the IM&T Service Desk -

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