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Information governance - WFH

Information Governance Considerations for Staff Working from Home







When travelling to and from home


  • Before taking any personal data (e.g. patient notes) or trust devices home, ensure this is approved by your line manager.


  • Keep a departmental record of what information is taken home and returned (a centrally held excel spreadsheet will do)


  • Ensure patient casenotes are traced accurately on iPM (i.e. ‘Consultant’s desk’ on iPM and in the comments field add ‘At consultant’s Home’)


  • Only take the minimum personal data  necessary home with you


  • When transporting records or trust devices, be vigilant and do not leave unattended.


  • When transporting casenotes, ensure that they are stored in secure and non-transparent containers.  



When Video Conferencing


  • Think about what other household occupants can see and hear during video calls.


  • Use headphones.





When communicating with patients or other staff


  • If using a personal phone, withhold your number by using 141 or by switching off caller ID in your phone settings.


  • Email to non NHSmail accounts is not usually secure. If patients ask to be contacted by email make sure you have assessed the risk and are following departmental processes agreed by your manager.


  • UHP has multiple methods of communication available for communicating with patients and colleagues – try to use Trust approved methods of communication – See IG page on Staffnet.





When working at home


  • Where possible, take paperwork back to the office for confidential disposal.  Never dispose of confidential information in your home waste unless shredded.


  • Always lock your PC and other devices when not in use.


  • Do not leave documents on view at the end of the day.


  • Use Trust digital devices for work purposes unless there is no alternative.


  • Do not mix work data with your own personal data.


  • Ensure that notes and devices are kept indoors in a secure location.


National Guidance

Information Commissioner’s Office


NHS Digital



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