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Work Life Balance


Feeling a sense of balance and wellbeing is important for everyone.    Do you feel like you have a good work-life balance?  Do you recognise the signs when you need to re-assess?  We all know that we need to create a balance between our work and our lives to create a sense of wellbeing.  Here are some suggestions you may like to try to help you feel in control of your work-life balance:


  • Maintain a healthy schedule - having a daily schedule that suits your specific role and personality, makes it easier to feel in control and not overwhelmed.  Assess your wellbeing with your colleagues and with the support of your manager when work expectations and demands are too much.
  • Look after yourself - One of the easiest ways to feel unwell and exacerbate stress is to not exercise enough or eat well.  Looking after yourself throughout the week can help ensure your body and mind are more resilient, and that you feel prepared and less tired.  This is especially important if you work from home.
  • Create time for yourself - making time for yourself isn’t always easy, especially if you have an unpredictable schedule or small children.  Meditating, listening to music, reading and doing yoga are just some of the ways you can give yourself some head space.
  • Watch this short video presented by transition coach and gender-equality consultant Lavinia Brown to learn simple and practical ways of creating pockets of wellbeing throughout your day
  • Take proper breaks at work – being creative in making breaks happen – and taking them in full – can be a powerful way to achieve a positive mood and return to things feeling refreshed eg, have a lunch break and leave your work space area if you can; get up from your desk and have a stretch; go outside for a walk; visit the Intensive Care Secret Garden  
  • Read the Flexible Working Policy in the Trust Document Library: G:\DocumentLibrary\UHPT Trust Documents\Human Resources
  • Check out these resources for more information, advice, guidance, free apps and support:


  1. Staff Support Hub – all the support you can access in one place
  2. Vivup Wellbeing Platform - simply register at here if not already a member
  3. Derriford Centre for Health & Wellbeing
  4. HR Team, ext: 37042
  5. Occupational Health  ext: 37222
  6. Trade Union Support, GMB: 39274 / Unison: 39276 / RCH: 39314
  7. Freedom to Speak Up Guardian
  8. Royal College of Physicians health and wellbeing resources:
  9. Work life week is run by the UK’s work life balance charity, @WorkingFamiliesUK. For more information click here

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