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Looking after you too: Coaching support for our Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic colleagues

This programme has been developed to support any NHS colleagues who identify as part of our Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic workforce in NHS and ambulance trusts, in maintaining their psychological wellbeing during this challenging time.

This individually tailored coaching support will focus on proactively supporting you to process experiences, offload the demands of whatever you are experiencing, deal with difficult conversations, develop coping skills and be supported in developing practical strategies.

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Are you a leader, manager or supervisor who would like a listening ear? 

Coaching is available to our staff to provide support and development to help them explore their difficulties at work, carry out their roles more effectively, and enable them to find their own ways to overcome the obstacles which they face.

A previous coachee said: 

“I couldn’t score highly enough the effectiveness of the coaching... incredibly useful and thought provoking. Talking through some of the more challenging aspects of my current role gave me the opportunity to properly reflect and identify possible solutions.”

We provide coaching through the Multi-Agency Coaching Network (MAC Net) which offers cross-agency coaching. MAC Net has over 70 coaches across seven member organisations in Devon and Somerset, and the network have delivered over 100 coaching relationships since it started in June 2015.

What is coaching?

Bubble graphic Coaching is a highly effective development tool that can unlock people’s potential to enhance their performance by helping them to find their own solutions, using their own resources, leading to more sustainable change and growth. (Mentoring differs in that it usually involves an experienced person suggesting, advising and instructing a less experienced colleague.)

Who is it suitable for?

This opportunity is available to leaders, managers and supervisors as an important part of staff support, career development and supervision and is a key part of the leadership and management toolbox. 

What does coaching involve?

The practice of coaching involves the creation of a confidential thinking space to enable you to give attention to your priorities right now. The coaching conversation, guided by your coach, will give voice to your thoughts and ideas and create clarity about what you need to do.

This is a time of great challenge for our managers and leaders. Coaching offers a space to think through how to:

  • look after, support and motivate yourself and your team
  • make operational decisions and prioritise in a rapidly changing environment
  • adapt your leadership style to the needs of the moment.

How do I access coaching?

You need to gain your line manager’s approval to request coaching, and at times of high demand priority is given to coaching requests which support management or leadership development. MAC Net cannot provide coaching in cases where there are ongoing or imminent grievance or disciplinary issues related to the coaching need. There is no financial cost for coaching provided between MAC Net member organisations and we make every effort to identify an appropriate coaching match whose skills and experience seem to suit the development needs identified.

Book now:

E:Mail: with the subject 'Covid Coaching Support' and we will respond within 24 hours.

Please state what you would like coaching on and how you would like to be contacted by the coaching team.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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