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Mental Fitness App - MyMindPal™

We are excited to introduce a brand-new offering from our health and wellbeing partner Vivup about  MyMindPal™, a mental fitness app that helps reduce your stress levels and enjoy life more.   The app is free for UHP colleagues and available to download and use today.

We know stress can have a big impact on your physical health, emotional wellbeing and performance in all aspects of your life.  You can use the MyMindPal™ app to create your very own 5 minute a day routine to support you in whatever life throws your way.  The app gives you simple exercises you can do anytime, anywhere that help you:

  •        Increase your positivity
  •        Reduce your stress levels
  •        Learn to live in the present moment
  •        Bounce back from the tough times

To access the app, and other Vivup staff benefits, you must register / log-in at:   Download MyMindPal™ from the App store and register using the FREE Vivup code JNVIV20.

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