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Schwartz Rounds

Details on the next Schwartz round


Schwartz Rounds are now available online

What is a Schwartz Round?

  • Forum for staff to discuss the emotional and social aspects of working in a hospital.
  • An opportunity to hear stories from colleagues across the hospital.

Rounds are a forum for hospital staff from all backgrounds to regularly come together to discuss the non-clinical aspects of their work. This may include the psychological, emotional and social challenges associated with caring for patients.

Rounds are held once a month for an hour and, when held in person, are preceded by a buffet lunch/breakfast. During the first 15 minutes of the session, a multidisciplinary panel of 3-4 staff will have volunteered to talk about their experience. This may relate to an episode of patient care or a theme that arises in hospital work. The following 45 minutes is for wider discussion, guided by a facilitator. Generally, between 20-120 people attend a Round. Examples of topics discussed in a Round could include:

  • ‘Making mistakes: coping with the impact’
  • ‘What my patient taught me’
  • ‘Caught between the patient and their family’

All staff are invited to attend Rounds, no matter what their discipline, and whether they are clinical or non-clinical staff.

Attendance at Rounds is voluntary, and you may choose to speak and share some of your own experiences or participate by listening to others with similar and different experiences to your own.

We encourage staff to talk about their experience of Rounds with colleagues, however we do request that the confidentiality of individual contributions is respected. With this in mind, all staff are required to sign a statement of confidentiality when they attend.

You can join a virtual session via Zoom which is accessible on any device e.g. laptop, mobile phone, ipad etc.  You can access it in work or from home, there are no restrictions other than a quiet space for you to engage and importantly maintain confidentiality of what is being shared.

We can’t offer you a buffet lunch, but we invite you to make a coffee, take a breath and join us at your home or workspace for a Virtual Schwartz Round

**Allow yourself plenty of time to sign in please**

We will open the ‘virtual doors’ early and recommend you sign in before you make your coffee!

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