Quality Policy Statement

It is our aim to provide a professional, competitive service to our patients and clients recognising the importance of quality assurance in assisting us to achieve our objectives and we seek to be ‘Best in Class’.

We are committed to complying with client and regulatory requirements and the quality of our products and services and the effectiveness of our systems of work are of fundamental importance to us – this ethos is shared by all staff.

We encourage creativity and innovation, we change to be better at something and we celebrate personal achievement. We will also seek to collaborate with others to do this.

Our objectives are reviewed at least annually with the commitment to continual improvement and our objectives are widely communicated to all staff.

We measure the effectiveness of our objectives through controlled audit procedures and at Group and Directorate management review meetings.

In order to achieve our aims and objectives, all activities will be managed in accordance with NHS standards and targets and the principles of internationally recognised quality standards.

We are committed to the on-going implementation of these standards and to seek future accreditation; all staff are involved in the continual maintenance of the high standards of customer service we provide.

We aim to support the delivery of safe and high quality patient centred services, and deliver excellent value for money for the tax payer.

I fully endorse this statement and the contents of our Quality Manual, which are issued with my authority.

Dr Peter Wright
Director of Healthcare Science and Technology

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