Rainbow Badge Pledge Form

NHS logo By choosing to wear this badge, you are sending a message that “you can talk to me” about issues of gender and sexuality. You aren’t expected to solve all issues and concerns but you are a friendly ear and will know how to direct those you speak with to support available. 

By completing this form I pledge that:

  • wearing a badge gives a positive message of inclusion and means I have a responsibility to be someone who is a friendly ear for LGBT+ young people and families 
  • I have read the information on the NHS rainbow badges page
  • I understand what to do if I think a situation requires escalation
  • I am a staff member or volunteer at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust


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Shout about your pledge

Join colleagues and take to social media to tell the world why you are supporting the NHS rainbow badge initiative, using the hashtags #RainbowUHP and #1bigteam

You can download a copy of the Rainbow Pledge Placard [pdf] 200KB to print off and display for a selfie.

Here are some examples:


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Was this page helpful?

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