Using Devices to Record/Photograph Your Visit

We recognise that mobile phones and other devices, such as tablets and laptops, are essential to maintain communication with friends, family and loved ones; especially so whilst you are in hospital. However, the use of these devices to make audio recordings or take photos and videos can pose a risk to the privacy and dignity of our staff and other patients.

We have a duty to protect the confidentiality of our patients and the privacy of our staff.

The following points are taken from our Audio and Visual Recording Policy which also includes examples of behaviour both acceptable and unacceptable.

  • Please do not take any photos or videos or make any audio recordings in public areas such as corridors, lifts and waiting areas.
  • In wards and clinic rooms, if you wish to take photographs or record audio or video please speak to your clinician or a member of staff before starting any photography or recording.
  • Where any photos or recordings are made, please do not capture any other patients, visitors or staff without their consent.
  • If a member of staff has reason to believe that inappropriate images or recordings have been made without the explicit consent of those involved, we may ask to check your device and ask that this material is deleted, including any related social media posts.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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