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Research Midwife recruits 1,000th patient to clinical trial to help reduce smoking in pregnancy

Research Midwife Heidi Hollands

A midwife at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust has recruited the 1,000th patient into a national clinical trial looking at whether a text messaging service can help pregnant women to quit smoking.

The MiQuit 3 trial, led by Professor Tim Coleman at the University of Nottingham, is investigating whether pregnant women who smoke are interested in receiving support to stop smoking by text message and whether it can help them to quit.

Research Midwife Heidi Hollands Heidi Hollands, a Research Midwife at Derriford Hospital and a National Research Champion for Reproductive Health, was the local Principal Investigator (PI) for the study.

She said: “Smoking in pregnancy is an emotive topic for many pregnant women and their families. Therefore, taking part in research looking at strategies and treatments to help them stop smoking is a positive step they can take.

“As the PI for the study, and as a non-medic, I was able to co-ordinate a real team approach to screening and recruitment. We were extremely fortunate to randomise the 1,000th lady into MiQuit3; this being the recruitment target for the study.

“Thanks to colleagues Donna Underwood (Research Midwife) and Amanda Carney (Research HCA) who were in the right place at the right time; and to the lady for agreeing to take part."

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