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£1.375 million to rapidly accelerate Parkinson’s drug search

An Honorary Consultant Neurologist at University Hospitals Plymouth is to co-lead the Accelerating Clinical Treatments for Parkinson’s Disease project, thanks to a philanthropic grant from the Edmond J. Safra Foundation. The grant will support the establishment of a pioneering multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) clinical trial platform to quickly assess potential protective therapies that may slow or stop Parkinson’s progression.

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Crockery Research Study

Derriford team seeks to improve patient nutrition through food presentation


A gastroenterologist and team of dieticians at Derriford Hospital are seeking to find out whether a patient’s appetite can be increased through the presentation of their food, in order to improve inpatient nutrition.

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Diabetes Research

It’s World Diabetes Week and UHP continue to support research studies aimed at helping to shape the future of the treatment of diabetes. In collaboration with local GP surgeries the Trust continues to explore new and licensed diabetes medications and their benefits for other medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, renal disease and liver disease. Diabetes is rapidly increasing but the research team is here to help produce evidence for better treatment and care.

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