Send your loved one a message

Send your loved one a message


We are acutely aware of the pain of separation during this pandemic -  particularly for those families whose loved ones are currently patients with us. Having to suspend visiting in all but exceptional circumstances was one of the hardest things we have had to do. To try to ease this, we have introduced a “Send your loved one a message” scheme. We know how much it will mean to our patients to brighten up their days with  messages from their friends and family. 

So if you have a loved one in any of our wards, and you would like to send them a message, please fill in the form below and we will make sure they receive a card with the message written in it. Once submitted, you'll see instructions to attach a photo if you wish. Please attach ONLY ONE PHOTO. We will print it and deliver it to your loved one with the card.

We've also expanded our bandwidth and distributed ipads in order to help maintain access to inpatients during this difficult time. If you have an urgent message, please contact the ward directly or through the switchboard (01752 202082).

If you would like to message staff, please use this form.

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