Staff Networks at UHP

Staff network groups provide a forum for individuals to come together, share ideas, raise awareness of challenges and support each other.

They are a key mechanism for driving change and making a difference, as well as giving staff the opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

Working alongside our allies each and every day will bring opportunities to develop underrepresented groups, build careers and promote inclusion.


Our staff networks aim to:

  • Promote inclusivity in the workplace by encouraging all of our staff members to speak up
  • Listen to and learn from our colleagues’ individual experiences
  • Discuss values to ensure complete acceptance and respect
  • Provide a safe space to do so


To learn more about our Staff Networks, please contact the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team at

Learn more about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at UHP here.

To see what EDI events and webinars are coming up at UHP and nationwide, please visit our events page.


Explore the links below for more information on each network:


BAME Disability Religion LGBT+ Women


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Support for our diverse colleagues

Support for our diverse colleagues Bespoke health and wellbeing support for our diverse colleagues As part of the national health and wellbeing programme for our NHS people, and working in collaboration with our staff networks, we have developed a number of bespoke support offers for our Black

FREE Art Based Health and Wellbeing Workshop - limited availability

Working alongisde Plymouth College of Art, an opportunity for an art based wellbeing workshop, aimed at women has been developed. The aim of this workshop is to explore our strong emotions. To come to terms with them, to be unafraid of sharing them and to understand that we are not alone in our feel

image-collage for week 5 BHM.PNG
Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 5

Claire Underdown, Assistant Director of People Hannah Jory, Assistant Practitioner in Research and Development Jo Beer, Chief Operating Officer Rebecca Brown, Diabetes Specialist Nurse Siobhan McCoulough, Tissue Viability Nurse 

image-collage week 4.PNG
Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 4

Merris Longstaff, Nurse at Minor Injuries William Mukonoweshuro, Consultant Neuroradiologist  Kyeiyanne James, Associate Practitioner 

Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 3

Louise Kinsella, Deputy Ward Mananger in Dematology Joshy Varghese, Trust Doctor in Neurology

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