Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, The "plus" represents other sexual and gender identities

Our LGBT+ network aims to ensure that regardless of employee’s sexual orientation and gender identity, the opportunities are equal and that staff can feel comfortable raising issues and tackling discrimination.

This network will provide an open forum for our LGBT+ colleagues to share their experience of the workplace in a supportive and safe environment.  The network will provide a ‘listening ear’ for our LGBT+ colleagues as well as seeking their views to help shape our inclusion agenda and enable us to focus our efforts on actions that will make the biggest and most positive difference.    

Since October 2019, when we launched the Rainbow Badge initiative, we have had 1132 pledges - an overwhelming response and fantastic reflection of the commitment to create an inclusive hospital.   


When is the next LGBT Staff Network? 

To be confirmed

Please email the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion team ( for an MS Teams invite to be sent to you.


Network Champion

Lenny Byrne "The Trust has recently established 5 Staff Networks and as the Executive Champion I am pleased to announce the launch of the LGBT+ Staff Network.  Creating a more inclusive environment for our staff is vitally important, empowering them to feel safe and  allowing all staff to bring their whole selves to work, this benefits both our colleagues and our patients.

"The LGBT+ staff network has been set up to provide a safe, inclusive and diverse environment  that encourages respect and equality for all.  The network will provide a space that values and recognises the differences between  sexual orientation and gender identity and works proactively to address these.   It will offer a safe space to share experiences, both what works well but also what issues affect people in their day to day working life.  Through participation in this group you will be able to create momentum for change and have a voice which helps shape the future and drive forward inclusion. There has been lots of activity already through the launch of the Rainbow Badge

"Membership is open to all staff who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and those with a positive interest in driving forward diversity and inclusion within the Trust.  I would encourage people to join the network to participate in the conversation and listen to what others have to contribute and ultimately to help drive forward positive change that supports a workplace that is compassionate and inclusive for all.   The first session will outline how the network will work but primarily will gather everyone’s thoughts about what matters to you and what issues the wider group will want to focus on in the coming months."  

Lenny Byrne, Chief Nurse & Director of Integrated Professions


Network Chair

Elliot Atkinson “Hi, my name is Elliot Atkinson (they/them) and I’m a Biomedical Scientist in Immunology. I completed my undergraduate placements here at UHP, and began my full-time post straight out of university, so the community within the Trust is very important to me.

“I’ve changed a lot since starting my job here (including my name!) and that’s in large part due to the incredibly supportive nature of my colleagues, though it was by no means easy. As someone who is gradually becoming my authentic self at work, I’d really like to create an environment of safety and support at UHP to make this journey smooth for others as well.

“I’m really excited to be in a position that will allow me to make positive change in our community – both for staff and patients – and I hope that through collaboration with other staff networks we can build a positive and open atmosphere for everyone.

“Of course the network is for all LGBT+ identifying individuals, including those who are questioning, so I’d love to hear from our members - whether it’s to share ideas and thoughts, or just to reach out. I look forward to working with you all, and ensuring that all of our voices are heard.”


Network Deputy Chair

Martin Jared-Davis “Hello, I am Martin Jared-Davis and I work as a Senior Assistant Technical Officer in Histopathology. I joined the Trust back in 2016 and have always been committed to improving Equality, Diversity and inclusion within the Trust. I am delighted to be the Deputy Chair of our LGBT+ Network and that we, as a trust, have been able to move forward with all these networks, in spite of the Covid pandemic.”

“The LGBT+ community is a large and complex group with many issues facing them and they can face discrimination from many areas in life. The Covid pandemic has helped highlight some of these.

“Working with the LGBT+ network I aim to help educate and inform our staff about these issues and what it is like to be an LGBT+ person. I hope to help make informed updates to policies and SOPs to allow our staff, and patients, to feel understood, respected and welcome.

“I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to work with the LGBT+ network, and our other networks, to help make this trust a more open and understanding place for everyone.  My door is always open to anyone that needs it. Whether you just have some questions that need answering or you have an issue you need to raise, you are not alone.”

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Pride in the NHS Week and NHS Virtual Pride

Pride in the NHS Week and NHS Virtual Pride

LGBT+ Documents

Network meeting summaries:

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