Staff networks at UHP

Staff Networks at UHP

BAME Staff Network

The acronym BAME stands for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic and is defined as all ethnic groups except White ethnic groups. It does not relate to country origin or affiliation.

The BAME network was set up in June 2020, and is Chaired by Kyeiyanne James (Associate Practitioner in Immunology), with Deputy Chair Rez Rogers (Healthcare Science Practitioner in Neurophysiology).

“The BAME network has made me feel a sense of inclusion. It has created a platform for BAME colleagues to meet and speak about issues affecting them without a notion of judgement as well a place to share similar day-to-day experiences.”
Ruth Scrivener, BAME Network member.



The abbreviation DAWN stands for Disability and Wellbeing Network and is defined as a safe space for colleagues who have a disability or long term conditions at UHP - including but not limited to physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health conditions, learning difficulties, and hidden disabilities help employees reach their full potential. It launched in July 2020, and  has been  Co-Chaired by Jane-Marie Harvey who works in Women’s and Children’s and Sarah Jackson who is part of the HR team since January 2021.

By working closely with the other staff networks,  we strive to create a fair, inclusive, diverse and positive working environment for everyone, as we have known some of our members and colleagues across the Trust  can face similar issues that may disadvantage them. Collectively, we are giving colleagues a voice that is heard and creating change.


FaB Staff Network

The abbreviation FaB  stands for Faiths and Beliefs and is a network that  does not promote one specific religion, faith or belief, but was set up in November 2020 and takes a rather unique approach to supporting staff when compared to the four other staff networks we have here at UHP.

This network does not promote one specific religion, faith or belief, and none and have chosen an open and informal approach to their network meetings.  The purpose of the meetings and the network is to “bring people together in a safe environment to share experiences, exchange views, thoughts and ideas as well as an opportunity for colleagues to recognise they are not alone in this and there are others just like them. This allows patients to know that their own faith/ belief will be better understood and supported as the Trust has  diversity of colleagues working here and can help with their own feelings of wellbeing , especially when they are poorly” explains network member, Leonore Newson.


LGBT+ Staff Network

Photo of the LGBT chair, co chair and board representativeThe acronym LGBT+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, the plus represents other sexual and gender identities. This network launched in October 2020, and has been Chaired by Elliot Atkinson (Biomedical Scientist), with Deputy Chair Martin Jared-Davis (Senior Assistant Technical Officer) since March 2021.

Our LGBT+ network aims to ensure that regardless of employee’s sexual orientation and gender identity, the opportunities are equal and that staff can feel comfortable raising issues and tackling discrimination.

In providing open forums for our LGBT+ colleagues to share their experience of the workplace in a supportive and safe environment, we strive to create a more inclusive environment for our staff by empowering them to feel safe and confident in bringing their whole selves to work.

As a network, members are proud to have been involved in spreading the message of inclusive healthcare through the NHS Rainbow Badge. As many as 1 in 7 people from the LGBT+ community have reported avoiding healthcare for fear of discrimination and a simple visible symbol (such as the Rainbow Badge) can make a big difference for those unsure of both themselves, and of the reception they will receive if they disclose their sexuality and/or gender identity.

There has been a fantastic response so far with 1,300 colleagues pledging to wear the badge, symbolising to patients and their families that they are someone you can talk to about sexuality and gender, without fear of being judged.

Moving forward, the network are looking to focus heavily on education and developing close working relationships with the other networks within the trust, and with organisations outside of our own, with the aim of building a community that makes everyone feel safe and heard.


Women’s Staff Network

UHP’s women’s network is for all those who identify as women and their allies and is Chaired by Kerry Dungay, Medical Education Manager, alongside Deputy Chair, Camilla Redding, Pathology Business Support Officer. The network is a safe space for colleagues to share their life experiences in a supportive and safe environment. We are still very much on the exciting journey of defining and developing our identity, vision and shared objectives, which will include addressing the three main areas raised by the network members:

  • Cultural Change
  • To Promote Inclusion and Diversity
  • To provide specific support mechanisms to network members (i.e leadership mentoring, networking etc)

To achieve the above we will specifically look at championing some key themes each year, provide support and advice to those wishing to set up their own support mechanisms such as LeanIn Circles, champion key events, work collaboratively with all UHP networks and ensure membership is inclusive and representative of all ages, jobs and pay bands within the Trust.  “I believe that with the enthusiasm of the members we will engender positive change for all those who identify as women, remove barriers to progression and provide resources for full potential to be realised” Kerry Dungay.

“I value this group and am very proud to be a part of it. to be honest this probably the only bit of time I have when I truly think about how I am feeling and usually feel very emotional afterwards” - Women’s Network Member Survey answer.

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