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Black History Month 2021 Nominees- Week 3

Louise Kinsella, Deputy Ward Mananger in Dematology

Louise Kinsella Please read the three different nominations for Louise:

I can not speak highly enough of the support and resilience Louise has shown since joining our team. Whether supporting her colleagues, or providing the best possible experience for the patients in her care, she always gives 110%. She continually strives to achieve excellence and improve the patient journey, and her dedication to achieve this, often sees her going above and beyond by working outside of her normal working hours. Louise’s positive work ethic in combination with her sheer drive, grit and determination has recently seen her successfully achieving promotion into the deputy manager position. She has been a welcome addition to the management team and I am personally grateful for her passionate “can do” attitude, and her enthusiastic, proactive approach.  Louise consistently demonstrates excellent leadership qualities and identifies areas for improvement which complement our service. She is admired by the entire team for how tirelessly she works, and how committed she is to empower, develop and motivate others, to reach our shared objectives and provide a positive patient experience. 


Louise is a very enthusiastic, caring nurse who since she joined our department has taken an active role in improving the department, and making the experience better for patients as well as working very hard to learn new skills to help out the department. She is very good at advocating for patients and being supportive through what can be an anxious time for them. 


Louise is a very positive, hardworking and pro-active nurse. 
She always helps out when clinics are busy. She always has a smile on her face! 

Thank-you, Louise.


Joshy Varghese, Trust Doctor in Neurology

Joshy has provided an incredible stable presence on the neurology ward throughout the pandemic despite vulnerable family at home. This has meant being separated from his children at times in order to ensure their safety so that he continued working. He was unable to visit his dying father in India or attend his funeral last year. Yet despite all of this adversity he has remained cheerful and professional, providing excellent care to our patients without any of them knowing his personal sacrifices to provide that care. 

Thank-you, Joshy.

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