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#LetsTalk Men's Conversation

Our priorities of focus on the agenda for Wednesday 17th are as follows:


  • Welcome Stuart Bratt, founder of Tough Enough to Care
  • Introduction to Men’s Mental Health- presentation
  • Open forum
  • Future Plans for this conversation
  • Interactive quiz


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


We look forward to seeing you there,

With best wishes,


EDI Team

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Upcoming Flexible Working Webinars

The Flexible Working team have asked for our support in sharing the information about their upcoming webinars in March:


  1. ‘Supporting your team to work flexibly’, 17th March 9.30-11am (aimed at NHS line managers)
  2. ‘Flexible Working: How to ask’, 25th March 9.30-11am (aimed at individuals)


They would really appreciate your support in advertising the sessions through any stakeholders or comms channels that you feel are appropriate.  Attached are text copies of each of the sessions and also a photo/graphic you may want to use in any comms you send out.


Their most recent webinar (around the case for change) had a great turnout and received positive and they’re keen to keep the momentum going, so any help with promotion of these upcoming webinars would be really appreciated. 






Please access the Looking After Our People website for more information about the programme and resources available:





Read " Upcoming Flexible Working Webinars…"

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