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The Trust has been progressing with Video Consultation options and current guidance is that if you need to complete a video consultation with a patient, you should be using a centrally funded solution called Attend Anywhere. This is being rapidly rolled out across the UK, and below are details about training clinicians can undertake in the use of the Attend Anywhere solution.

Video Consultations

Attend Anywhere

Attend Anywhere is a web-based video consultation platform that provides secure and flexible communication. It was launched to allow patients to consult health professionals using devices such as iPhones, tablets and PCs. The facility provides a secure connection, allowing patients who cannot attend an appointment the opportunity to speak in real-time to their doctor, nurse, consultant, or allied health professional. Each patient has a unique link with access to a secure virtual waiting room and consultation room.


What are the benefits of Video Consultation?

  • Patients/colleagues feel more engaged with or supported by having a face to face consultation
  • Patients could see the clinician looking up their results in real time
  • Consultant was able to have difficult/distressing conversations/break bad news whilst receiving and delivering visual cues
  • Simple to connect and simple once connected
  • Consultant able to use mobile device where other equipment was not available
  • Input of an NHS number will find the patient and automatically populate their mobile number (where supplied)

Good practice

  • Complete a test call before your consultations to check your own setup is working correctly;
  • Ensure all required information is ready before commencing the consultation;
  • Clinicians will need to set a time limit with each patient at beginning of a meeting, to manage the patient expectations;

Software Requirements

  • Web Browser: Chrome or Safari
  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above (Windows 10 is Trust standard) or Mac OS10.12 and above

Hardware Requirements

  • Internet enabled device: Smart Phone, Tablet, PC or Laptop
  • Webcam
  • Headset
  • If using laptop or PC and additional monitor should be sourced





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