Video consultation: Service line information

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust is now offering our patients the opportunity to have either a face to face, telephone or video consultation.

What are benefits of using video consultations?

  • It can save patients stress, time, travel expenses and parking.
  • Calls are safe and secure.
  • It can help with managing social distancing.
  • The visual component of video consultations offers distinct advantages over telephone consultations.
  • Perfect for routine appointments where no physical examination is required.

For more information about setting up video consultations please refer to the documentation section on this page ‘ How to set up video consultations’.

For more details on how the system works, please watch the video below.

How to use Attend Anywhere


How to set up video consultations 

Requesting access to Attend Anywhere

Clinic template for video clinics

Video Consultation APN

Business Continuity Plan

Booking video Consultations

Receptionist process for Attend Anywhere  

Main Outpatient Receptionist guide

Video consultation guide for clinicians

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