We have thousands of staff in our #1BigTeam with great ideas. We are always on the lookout for these ideas and feedback to help us continually improve things, for both our patients and our staff. This is a respository of the changes we have made together - #WeDidItTogether – to continually make UHP a better place to work and be cared for. We wanted to bring examples together to share good practice as widely as possible.

If you would like to share changes for the better you’ve made in your local area then please contact communications.phnt@nhs.net.

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87.5% feel safer at work since the arrival of dedicated security officers

What is the waiting time in the Emergency Department?

We have increased the number of security staff on site and dedicating two security offices to ED and CDU.

This trial has been welcomed by staff and patients and we have seen a decrease in the number of incidents of violence and aggression reported by staff in these areas.

A recent survey of staff in these areas noted that 87.5% feel safer at work since the arrival of the dedicated security officers and staff have commented that they feel reassured by having a security presence nearby.

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