Intermediate Level Study Days – Specialist Practitioners

These are a series of study days aimed at nurses, junior doctors & AHP working in the specialised field of oncology & palliative care at a senior level. They are intended to equip staff with the key concepts, knowledge and on some days skills needed to enhance understanding & practice in the practice of oncology.

Intermediate Level Days: ‘The Specialist Practitioner’:

Communication Skills – ‘Breaking Bad News & Conducting Difficult Conversations’ Training Day

This day enables candidates to reflect on their communication skills & build confidence in conducting difficult conversations with patients & delivering difficult/bad news.


Pre Course information required

We recommend that course participants have completed a 1 day foundation course (or equivalent) in communication skills. Successful candidates need to submit a difficult or emotionally challenging communication episode that they were involved with or observed. This will form the basis of the role play activity in the afternoon. If the pre course work is not submitted in time a place will not be allocated. All candidates must be prepared to participate in role play.

Programme content:

  • The importance of good communication in healthcare
  • The impact of bad news: the patient experience: Video, group discussion
  • Communication Skills: identifying difficult situations & considering a strategy for breaking ‘bad news’
  • Handling challenging emotional responses
  • Interactive role play demonstration
  • Afternoon session: Applying theory to practice – Role playing difficult communication scenarios using the candidates pre course submission

Date of next courses:

Wednesday 9th October 2019



Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust staff  £45.00

External candidates £75.00

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