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Due to the evolving nature of guidance, please note that information is correct at the time of each bulletin.

COVID-19 Staff Bulletins

  1. Bulletin 113 (25-01-21)

    • A difficult weekend – message from Lenny
    • We’re here for all of you, 24/7 – from the Chaplains
    • Your mental health and wellbeing
    • Hospital update
    • COVID vaccination
    • Track and Trace – a reminder
    • Lateral Flow Tests
    • And finally – link to HR Q&A
  2. Bulletin 112 (21-01-21)

    • It’s ok, not to be ok – how one colleague turned to counselling
    • COVID Vaccinations (update on CEV, over-70s and second dose letters
    • Hospital update
    • Where we’re running services (version 76)
    • Rest Areas for Staff – TLB L5 Café to reopen Monday for red-zone staff
    • An update from the NHS Nightingale Hospital Exeter
  3. Bulletin 111 (20-01-21)

    • Hospital Update
    • Simple Discharge Telephone Follow-up
    • Stories from the COVID wards – staff voices
    • Thriving when work is tough – free webinar
    • Staff vaccinations
    • National dashboard on vaccination rates
    • Staff COVID-19 Testing Privacy Notice
    • And finally …. When a team blossom
  4. Bulletin 110 (18-01-21)

    • Hospital Update and Thank You
    • Where we’re running services
    • National COVID repatriations
    • Stories from the COVID wards
    • Arriving on site
    • Staff Vaccinations
    • Track and Trace
    • Our next virtual Schwartz Round
  5. Bulletin 109 (14-01-21)

    • “This just shows it can affect anyone” - Professional Body Builder, Stuart Core, shares his COVID experience
    • Hospital Update
    • Where we’re running services (version 74)
    • Question and Answer session with HR Leads during the pandemic – Next Tuesday
    • Submission of Staff Flu Vaccination Data to NHS England – Privacy Notice
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Updated Hospital Map

UHPNT Escalation plan[pdf] 141KB


Social distancing resources - posters (link to Staffnet)


Trust policy and Guidance

Guidelines for the Management of Coronavirus Infectious Diseases v1 03.04.2020 

COVID Management - Zone RAG Categories

Covid Swab Testing Turnaround Limitations 

Learning Disability guidance v2 09.04.2020 

Learning disability passport v1 06.04.2020 

Management of healthcare worker exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace 11.11.2020 

Mask Fit Check

Removal of PPE - COVID Red Zone v1 24.03.2020

Ward Based Respiratory Care for COVID QA 10.06.2020 

Working from Home Guidance 08.10.2020

Resus - Amber area 01.04.2020

Resus - Red area 01.04.2020

SOP: COVID-19 Testing Protocol.pdf [pdf] 490KB

Trustwide COVID-19 Patient Screening Assessment.pdf [pdf] 395KB Updated 11.01.2021

SOP: Management of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 v2.5.pdf [pdf] 1MB

COVID Pathways - 26.11.2020.pdf[pdf] 351KB


National guidance

NHSE all speciality guides


De-escalation and patient discharge

COVID-19 De-escalation Algorithm - v 5 15.04.2020

Discharge of patient policy SARS-CoV-2 UHP v2 26.03.2020

Nurse assessment v3 21.04.2020

Post Covid discharge phone call flow chart v3 21.04.2020 


COVID vaccine information

Leaflet for healthcare workers 10.12.2020 

Multiple Staff Booking Request Template 


Nightingale Hospital Exeter

The benefits of joining Team Nightingale 

Nightingale Hospital Exeter FAQ for managers and workforce leads

Nightingale Hospital Exeter FAQ for all staff

Nightingale Hospital Exeter - Secondment Registration Form

Testimonials from staff 


Staff Information

CEV Booking Request Template.xlsx[xlsx] 11KB

COVID-19 Patient QA 

COVID-19 Secure Office Checklist v3 16.06.2020 

COVID-19 staff assessment form v14 08.12.2020

Coronavirus Staff Assessment Form Guidance

Critical Worker letter 06.01.2021

Domestic abuse contacts for clinicans

Enquiry Email - Portacount Face Mask Testing updated 24.09.2020

Exposure to COVID19 in the workplace 26.06.2020 

FAQ Face Masks for Staff 24.08.2020 

How to put your surgical mask on 15.06.2020

Lateral Flow Testing FAQ

Lateral Flow Test Leaflet

Letter to all staff about Surgical Masks 11.06.2020 

Management Briefing Note - Coronavirus Risk Assessments

Mandatory Training Update Oct 2020 

NHS England Improvement Stakeholder Briefing 09.11.2020

NHS Test and Trace – process for UHP staff 10.06.2020

Risk Assessment Managers Briefing 25.11.2020 

Staff track and trace website (only accesible from Trust devices)

UHP Working from home guidance 08.06.2020 

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