Medical Photography

The Medical Photography Department provides a photographic and educational service to the Trust. The department is located on level 6 of Derriford Hospital.

To contact the department or to book an appointment please call 01752 431560.

Medical Photography routinely photograph patients during the course of their hospital treatment. The photographs taken form part of a patient's medical records.

There are three levels of consent used by the Medical Photography Department:

Level One - Medical record and/or education in a clinical setting (where a patient cannot be recognised)

If your photographs are only required for case notes (your medical records) it will not be necessary for you to sign the request form. If you cannot be recognised from the photograph then they may be used for education in a clinical setting without your consent. The person requesting the photographs should sign the form to confirm what purpose they will be used for

Level Two - Teaching
This level of consent means your photographs will be used for teaching purposes. The person requesting the photographs should select whether the photos will be used got teaching NHS staff or teaching the general public or both.
You will need to sign the consent form to allow the use of the photographs.

Level Three - Publication
This means that your photographs may be used for publication. The person making the request for photographs should select which type of publication and discuss this with you. This means that your picture could appear in medical textbooks, medical journals, medical based web-publishing, medical/scientific posters, non-medical textbooks and journals, non-medical web-based publishing, public display/exhibition or public broadcast.
You will need to sign the consent form to allow the use of the photographs.

Further information about teaching purposes
Some healthcare professionals keep a collection of images. The images may be used to teach nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals. Most of this teaching is done on hospital premises. Sometimes healthcare professionals are asked to give talks to schools or local interest groups. Lectures are also given at medical conferences in the UK and abroad. By allowing photographs of you to be used for teaching purposes you will be helping to further the education of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Most people are happy for their photographs to be used for teaching purposes. However, if you are at all worried that you may be recognised then only agree to level one consent. Your treatment will not be affected by the level of consent you agree to.

To read more about us being a teaching hospital click here.

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