Main Outpatients and PIU

Our Areas:

Main Outpatients: A trust-wide adult facility encompassing 23 clinic rooms, which supports clinics from many specialities including vascular, plastics, dermatology, colorectal, haematology, neurology and many others. This presents many opportunities to undertaken simple and complex dressings/wound care including compression bandaging and topical negative pressure dressings

Planned Investigation Unit (PIU): The PIU is a very busy Trust-wide facility, that supports both inpatient, outpatient and day case activity. We care for patients undergoing a wide range of diagnostic procedures and those who receive regular treatments for the management of long term conditions. Additionally, the unit co-ordinates three other areas: Pre-Assessment Clinic, Multi-Function Treatment Room, where we undertake bronchoscopy, cardioversion and lithotripsy procedures and the Nurse-led DVT Clinic. We also support outlier activity as required in areas such as medicine, surgery and neurology. All PIU staff have a strong patient focus and recognise the benefits in working together in a dynamic and adaptable way to ensure our patients receive effective and timely care.

Interventional Radiology: A highly specialised unit that cares for both inpatients and outpatients, for vascular and non-vascular minimally invasive procedures is an established, but expanding field. We are expanding our service as we work towards the light well project and our team contains a mix of nurses and allied health professionals promoting multi-disciplinary working. As at least 30% of cases present as emergencies it is an ever changing daily routine and the service is currently Monday to Friday service with call commitments out of hours/weekends. Click here for more information on Interventional Radiology Nursing.

Why work for us?

The enthusiasm, commitment and knowledge the team share helps ensure that all staff are able to deliver the highest standards of care, and that they remain focused on best practice. This helps ensure that clinical effectiveness is achieved and that both patients and staff alike are able to realise their full potential

  • Currently Monday-Friday service
  • Local induction programme and competences aimed at specific clinic needs and profiles
  • Nursing staff have the opportunity to pursue their interests in becoming a link practitioner
  • Opportunity to network with other outpatient departments in our own Trust and also other hospitals
  • Nursing staff have the opportunity to pursue their interests in becoming a link practitioner
  • Exciting changes that will allow staff to become part of theatre central

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