Dr Andrew Whyte

Consultant Allergist and Immunologist

Dr Andrew Whyte works at the Department of Allergy and Immunology at Derriford Hospital, providing care to patients with immunodeficiency and allergy from across the South West Peninsula.  The unit is fully accredited with the Quality in Primary Immunodeficiency Services and Improving Quality in Allergy Services accreditation schemes. Dr Whyte, along with the other consultants at Eden Unit, supervise the UKAS-accredited immunology laboratories at Derriford Hospital and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and provide advice and guidance to requestors from across the region.



General areas of expertise:

Allergy, immunodeficiency, laboratory immunology

Particular areas of expertise:

Venom allergy, mastocytosis, medical school teaching, clinical research

Contact Details:

Eden Unit, Derriford Hospital

01752 431675


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