Have you had unprotected sex and are worried you are at risk of pregnancy? 

You can reduce this risk by taking emergency contraception. We provide all 3 types of emergency contraception listed below. 

There are three types of emergency contraception and your choice depends on when you last had a period and when you had unprotected sex. 

  • Levonelle®: This is a tablet containing progesterone. You can take it up to 72 hours (and in some cases up to 120 hours) after unprotected sex. Side effects might include sickness, dizziness, headache, breast tenderness.
  • ellaOne®: This is a tablet containing ulipristal acetate. It can be taken up to 120 hours after unprotected sex. You cannot take this tablet if you have already had unprotected sex (more than 5 days ago) or taken emergency contraception since your last period. Side effects are the same as for levonelle but might also include painful period, mood swing or muscle pains.
  • IUD: This is a small copper and plastic intrauterine device (coil). It does not contain hormones. It is the most effective method. It takes 15 minutes to insert and may be uncomfortable. You may have period-like pains and light bleeding for a few days. It can be kept in for up to 10 years as contraception. This is the most effective method of emergency contraception. 

 Images of contraception optionsImage of an IU Device

Are you planning on having sex and are not taking contraception to prevent pregnancy? 

We can provide oral methods of contraception at the clinic. These include: 

However there are many other types of contraception including long acting methods which may be more effective than ‘the pill’ such as: 

Unfortunately we cannot provide these methods. If you would like to discuss starting any of these methods please contact: 

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