Welcome to the Pathology online handbook

In previous years we have produced a printed version of the handbook, but in this edition we have agreed to produce a single online version for both primary and secondary care.

The advantage of the online version is that we will be able to keep it up to date with our current repertoire of tests and any changes in methodology which may affect either clinical interpretation or sample requirements.

We will keep you notified of significant changes to the service via the Pathology Newsletter. 

Despite continuing increases in workload, all laboratories go to great lengths to ensure that the results provided are accurate and timely.

We aim to provide a quality service, which meets your requirements.

If you do have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will do our very best to help.

We are also very dependent on you, our users, to provide us with full and accurate information on samples and request forms (whether paper or electronic) and I would be grateful if you would read the relevant sections on this, for each of the laboratories, carefully. 
With Best Wishes,

David Hilton
Service Line Director for Pathology


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Reviewed March 2019 
This page will be updated June 2019

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