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Until further notice, the NIHR Clinical Research Network is pausing the site set up of any new or ongoing studies at NHS and social care sites that are not nationally prioritised COVID-19 studies. This will enable our research workforce to focus on delivering the nationally prioritised COVID-19 studies or enabling redeployment to frontline care where necessary. These studies are enabling the clinical and epidemiological evidence to be gathered to inform national policy and will enable new treatments, diagnostics and vaccines to be developed and tested. The complete focus of the NIHR Clinical Research Network will be on delivering these highest priority COVID-19 studies


During the current pandemic we will only be delivering studies where there is a direct threat to life from ceasing study treatment.


We know that some areas have suggested that registrars/fellows/PIs could continue study interventions in the absence of a research nurse. We would question this on a number of points:

  1. They may also be redeployed
  2. Pharmacy capacity may be redirected
  3. Support service capacity will be affected


University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust (UHPNT) is fast becoming a leading centre for medical research, enabling patients to have access to the latest technologies, treatments and care by world opinion leaders in their respective fields. The Trust has a research portfolio on average in excess of 500 studies attracting world renowned consultants and inspiring specialist registrars through training, education and participation to be the researchers of the future.

Research is a vital component of healthcare development, offering patients the opportunity to access tomorrow’s treatments today.  Thousands of people each year agree to take part in research studies, contributing to the development of potential new treatments and diagnostic aids before they are adopted across the National Health Service. The number of new studies delivered in the NHS continues to increase, and the number of patients engaged in research activity has hit an all-time high. We are proud to be one of the top 50 performing Acute Trusts committed to delivering clinical research to time and target.

To find out more about research opportunities at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust either as a researcher or participant, ask your health care professional or contact the RD&I team today. 

CLIMB Project

The UHP Research team are supporting a National online survey which looks at how we should use your health data. Any UK resident over 16 can take part, it just takes 20 minutes. Just click , click the box to say that you found out about the survey through your hospital and then enter ‘University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust’ when prompted.

CLIMB project poster for information

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