Thank you!

Thank you for supporting us - image with creatures in the snow dressed for Christmas holding presents, snowballs and drinks. Derriford Children's Ward, NHS and PHC logos


We'd like to send a huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part, and to all those that sponsored them! 

Your amazing santa zipwire, flying over the Eden Project has raised over £17,000 through the event!


Children in hospital

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Derriford Children's Wards

Hospital can feel lonely, scary, big, and impersonal. It can feel like your whole world is being put on hold. It can take you away from things that make you feel safe. The money raised for Derriford Children’s Wards will help to buy new equipment or toys and activities to help distract the children and young people on our wards, especially those that are feeling anxious, upset or in pain.

Play as distraction

a close up picture of a child playing with large connecting bricks - you can see their hand placing a brick on another

Every day children and young people need the hospital

Every day children and young people need the hospital’s help, it can be a quick visit, a short stay or it can be weeks and months of treatment. On some days, around 50% of all the young people on our wards are there as a result of a mental health crisis.

From 7 days to 18 years, at Derriford Children’s Ward we want to help all children and young people feel safe, cared for and as happy as can be. 

Help us make it better for our children and young people in hospital.

The photos we use are of models - we don't want to put the young people and children who need our help in difficult positions.