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GP advice

For advice related to STIs or HIV including testing and management please contact 01752431124.

GP Referrals

This is an open access clinic to which patients can self-refer either through attending walk-in clinic or booking an appointment on 01752 431124. 

If this is a complex presentation we would advise that the patient books an appointment. We would also advise that you provide the patient with a letter detailing any investigations, results and treatments prescribed thus far. 

If you wish to refer the patient please send referrals to: 

Consultant GU Physician
GU Medicine Department,
Level 5
Derriford Hospital
PL6 8DH 

The advantage of a GP referral is that the patient can be booked in to see the most appropriate health care professional according to their complaint. 

HIV testing:

Any health care professional can test for HIV. In line with GMC guidance on serious communicable diseases all that is required is verbal consent similar to that required when testing for all communicable diseases. 

If the clinical presentation indicates, a HIV test should be done (HIV Indicator conditions). Our health advisors are more than willing to offer advice should you need it when considering testing. You may find some of the documents below helpful when approaching HIV testing in primary care. 

HIV Positive Results:

Please contact the health advisors at the YourSHIP department (01752 431124) immediately on receipt of a positive result. They will arrange to see the patient to arrange a confirmatory test and follow-up on the same day if possible. All newly diagnosed HIV patients who have a confirmed positive result will be seen by a specialist HIV physician within 2 weeks of 1st positive test. 

Useful information and websites:

British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

Guidelines for the management of STIs 

UK National Guidelines for HIV Testing 

MedFASH ‘HIV in Primary Care’

A comprehensive guide for those in primary care testing patients for HIV or co-managing patients diagnosed with HIV 

Checking for drug-drug interactions with HIV medications 

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