Acute Pain Management

Managing people's pain is a vital part of the care that any hospital provides. Pain which happens as a result of a sudden painful event, such as an operation or an accident, is called "acute pain". The Acute Care Team comprises a dedicated team of doctors and nurses, the team has several roles within the Trust.

With regards to pain management, we aim to improve the care of inpatients with acute and chronic pain. This is important because controlling pain helps to reduce complications and shortens time in hospital. We aim to provide this service to all patients in the hospital, often those after surgery, but equally patients with painful medical conditions.

We aim to achieve these improvements in patient care by providing:

1. Daily ward rounds:?Patients receiving specialist techniques for pain relief after major surgery are reviewed by a member of the Acute Care Team daily to ensure that their pain relief is well managed. These specialist techniques include epidural and peripheral nerve infusions, specialist drugs and patient controlled opioid (morphine) pumps. We are also available to review patients with unrelieved pain of any cause.

2. Education: We encourage patients to report unrelieved pain – there is no need to suffer in silence. We support ward staff through ongoing education in their management of patients with more complex pain problems or requiring complex pain management techniques.

3. Audit: We keep a continuous database of patients seen and use these data to carry out quality control and audit on a rolling basis.

4. Research:?We are active in pain management research, allowing us to offer the most effective and evidence-based treatments for our patients. We have recent publications in major journals. From time to time, we ask patients to be involved in research and welcome suggestions for new projects.

The Team
Dr Mark Rockett Pain Management Specialist
Sara Mahoney Clinical Nurse Specialist Pain Management
Mary Weeks Clinical Nurse Specialist Pain Management
Dr Chris Seavell Consultant Anaesthetist 


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