Available Apprenticeships at University Hospitals Plymouth

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Clinincal non-registered

  • L2 Healthcare Support Worker
  • L3 Senior Healthcare Support Worker L5 Assistant Practitioner
  • L5 Trainee Nurse Associate


  • L6 Registered Nurse Degree
  • L7 Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Healthcare Science

  • L2 Healthcare Science Assistant
  • L3 Lab Technician
  • L4 Healthcare Science Associate
  • L6 Healthcare Science Practitioner
  • L3 Pharmacy Technician

Allied Health Professionals

  • L6 Operating Department Practitioner
  • L6 Diagnostic Radiographer


  • L2 Customer Service
  • L3 Business Administration
  • L3 Team Leader
  • L4 Associate Project Manager

Management / Leadership

  • L5 Operations/ Dept Manager
  • L6 Chartered Manager
  • L7 Senior Leader

Corporate Support

  • L3 Human Resources Support
  • L5 HR Consultant Partner
  • L3 Assistant Accountant
  • L4 Professional Accountant Technician
  • L3 Data Technician
  • L3 Info Comms Technician
  • L3 Software Development Technician
  • L4 Cyber Security Technologist
  • L4 Data Analyst
  • L4 DevOps Engineer
  • L4 Network Engineer
  • L4 Software Developer /Tester
  • L6 Data Scientist Degree
  • L6 Digital Technology Solutions
  • L7 MSc Applied Data Analytics


  • L2 Carpentry & joinery
  • L2 Construction building wood occupations
  • L3 Engineering manufacture
  • L3 Maintenance and Engineering technician


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